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68-31 The Cincinnati & Hamilton Turnpike

7403_10129.jpg Thumbnails68-31 The Cincinnati & Hamilton TurnpikeThumbnails68-31 The Cincinnati & Hamilton TurnpikeThumbnails68-31 The Cincinnati & Hamilton Turnpike

Side A: The Cincinnati and Hamilton Turnpike. Population growth in the newly settled communities of Cincinnati (1788) and Hamilton (1791) led to a call to improve the early Native American and military foot trail that connected the two settlements. The Cincinnati and Hamilton Turnpike Company was incorporated in 1817 to construct a turnpike between the two communities. With a capital-stock value of $100,000, the company set about to markedly reduce the thirty mile trip to two days travel time. From this turnpike emerged a tollgate at this site to collect tolls to pay for maintenance of the road. Blacksmith shops to tend to vehicle and horse needs and several inns to house weary travelers were also established at this site. One inn, "The Century Inn," established in 1806, continues to operate as one of Ohio's oldest. Side B: Same. Same