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Serpent Mound Marker
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28-31 Waldscmidt House/ Camp Dennison

577_3204.jpg Thumbnails28-31 Waldschmidt Cemetary MarkerThumbnails28-31 Waldschmidt Cemetary MarkerThumbnails28-31 Waldschmidt Cemetary Marker

Side A: Waldschmidt Cemetery Camp Dennison, Ohio. Waldschmidt Cemetery is located on land purchased from former New Jersey judge and Congressman John Cleves Symmes in 1795 by Christian Waldschmidt, one of the first settlers in the Little Miami River Valley. Waldschmidt, from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was a veteran of the American Revolution, and he and his family are buried here. During the Civil War this area, named for Governor William Dennison, served as a training site and hospital for the Union effort. A portion of the cemetery was the temporary interment site for 349 Union soldiers and 31 Confederate prisoners of war, most of whom died at the camp hospital. On July 4, 1869, the Union soldiers were moved to Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati. About the same time, the Confederate soldiers were reinterred in Chase Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. Side B: Same. Same