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2-28 Chardon Business District

325_3949.jpg 2-28 Geauga County CourthouseThumbnails2-28 Chardon Business District2-28 Geauga County CourthouseThumbnails2-28 Chardon Business District

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Title, side A
Winchester's Camp No. 2
Title, side B
Preston Island
Across the road from 1016 East River Drive
Defiance, 43512
At a small pullout on the S side of the road

Picture Details

Chardon Business District
Chardon was designated the county seat of Geauga County in 1808. On July 25, 1868, the entire village business district (now Main Street) was destroyed by fire, including forty businesses, offices, meeting halls, and the 1824 courthouse. Citizens immediately rallied and formed the Chardon Building Company. In August 1868 they contracted with Herrick and Simmons of Cleveland to build the Union Block using fire-resistant brick. This was one of Rensselaer R. Herrick's (Cleveland Mayor 1879-1882) last construction jobs. The Union Block occupies the northern half of this block of Main Street (AL06624).