Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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16-27 Morgan's Raid

8601_104219.jpg Thumbnails16-27 Morgan's RaidThumbnails16-27 Morgan's RaidThumbnails16-27 Morgan's Raid

Side A: Morgan's Raid. During the American Civil War 1860-1865, a Confederate cavalry, led by Brigadier General John Hunt Morgan, infiltrated the states of Kentucky, southern Indiana, and southeastern Ohio as a diversionary tactic to draw northern troops from eastern Tennessee. The 2,500 calvarymen passed through Gallia County, Ohio, and reached the village of Vinton on July 17, 1863. The Rebels plundered the town searching for horses, food, and forage. Near this marker, they crossed the covered bridge over Big Raccoon Creek and then burned the 120-foot structure behind them. Area residents were left unharmed and no lives were lost. Side B: Same.