Remarkable Ohio

Serpent Mound Marker
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21-18 #1- The Setting- Dec '06

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Side A: Hiram House. Hiram House was Ohio's first settlement house and among the earliest in the nation, opening in October 1896 in Cleveland's Whiskey Island neighborhood. Representing the ideals of a late-1800s urban progressive movement, settlement houses provided--through "service, not charity" --health, recreational, and self-development opportunities that were not widely available in this era. Founded by Hiram College divinity graduate George A. Bellamy (1872-1960), Hiram House administered a wide range of social services for people of different ethnic and economic backgrounds. Bellamy established the "Fresh Air Camp" circa 1900; Cleveland industrialist Samuel Mather donated this tract of land in 1903. In continuous operation since its founding, Hiram House has provided outdoor experiences and educational programs for thousands of Ohio children. Side B: Same. Same