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Serpent Mound Marker
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101-18 Front of Marker

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Side A: Chestnut Grove Cemetery. The northward course of the west branch of Rocky River forms a boundary for this cemetery, which lies above the river valley. Old trees convey stateliness and solemnity to these seven acres, often called "Turkey Foot" because turkeys roosted in the trees. Settlers from New England are buried here and include descendants of William Bradford, second governor of the Plymouth Colony. Julie Carter Northrop, granddaughter of one of Cleveland's early settlers, Lorenzo Carter, is buried here. Veterans of six wars are honored here. The Daughters of the American Revolution recorded the cemetery's tombstone engravings and cenotaphs in 1961. (Continued on other side) Side B: Same. (Continued from other side) In 1855, Oscar and Susan Kendall deeded 3½ acres to Olmsted Township for a cemetery. In 1887, Sam Broady built a sandstone structure that has 18-inch thick walls and a 7-inch thick floor to provide a holding place until burials could be conducted. In 1925, Hannah Lewis deeded 3 ½ acres to enlarge the cemetery. In 1929, Olmsted Township trustees quit-claimed Chestnut Grove Cemetery to the Village of Olmsted Falls with the reservation that it would forever be a union cemetery for Olmsted Township, West View and Olmsted Falls. As of 2010, burials still take place here.