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About the Ohio Historical Markers Program

Ohio Historical Markers identify, commemorate, and honor important people, places, things, or events that have contributed to the rich history of our state. The program, administered by the Ohio History Connection, has proven to be a vital educational tool that informs both residents and visitors about the significant local, state, or national history that happened in or near the location of the marker.

How to Read an Ohio Historical Marker

Every marker contains a title, a text paragraph, a list of marker sponsors, the year the marker was created, and a county and sequence code. Sometimes, a marker includes special artwork or logos (such as Ohio Bicentennial, Civil War 150, or William G. Pomeroy Foundation). Marker text can be the same on both sides, tell a different story on each side, or continue from one side to the other.

County and Sequence Codes, the hyphenated numbers found on the lower right corner of the marker, represent the county where the marker is located and the sequence number of the marker in that county. For example:

Marker #14-18 (Parker Ranch / Adele Von Ohl Parker, Cuyahoga County)

That’s the way it is supposed to be, but it hasn’t always worked out like that. Due to earlier administrative and oversight errors, some markers can be found with incorrect numbers, and in some cases, multiple markers can have the same number, while some numbers have been skipped. We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience concerning marker numbers, and have tried to provide you the most accurate information.

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