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Victoria Claflin-Woodhull-Martin
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First Woman Candidate for President of the United States
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Born in Homer in 1838, Victoria Claflin proved to be a woman with visions that exceeded her time. Victoria and her sister Tennessee, in 1870, became the first women stockbrokers in the country. Her opinions expressed in the Woodhull & Claflin's Weekly newspaper led her to become the first woman invited to address Congress.
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Because of her unrelenting advocacy of women's suffrage, Victoria Woodhull was nominated to run for president by the "Equal Rights" party in 1872. Her life was a continual campaign to fight for woman's suffrage, civil rights, and child labor reform laws. In 1879, Victoria married John Martin and lived her remaining years in British Society. She died in England in 1927.
Homer Public Library, 385 South Street
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