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The Ohio Oil Company-Marathon Oil Co.
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Gas Boom Era
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Site of the first Findlay Field Office for what was to become a world-wide oil company, formerly locally owned and operated. 1887: The Ohio Oil Company was incorporated by five independent oil producers in the Lima field. 1901: J.C. Donnell elected President of the Ohio Oil Company. Company's 'big well,' the "Hugh McMurray," comes in. 1929: Construction begins on new office building at South Main Street and Hardin Streets. 1962: Name changed to Marathon Oil Company to reflect international operations.
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Four years (1886-1890) changed the course of history in Northwest Ohio, making Findlay an industrial center. 1884: Findlay Natural Gas Company, formed by Dr. Charles Oesterlen, brings in first commercial natural gas well. 1886: Karg Well comes in and Findlay becomes known as the "City of Light."1887: Free fuel, free light, and free land attracts 31 industries to Findlay. 1888: Findlay becomes known as "Glass Capital of the World." 1890: Natural gas output declines. Oil production increases.
Marathon Center for the Performing Arts, 200 W. Main Cross Street
Findlay, OH 45840
Latitude: 41.0392750, Longitude: -83.6520690.
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