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The Charity Newsies
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The founding of the philanthropic organization Charity Newsies stems from a cold, blustery day in December 1907, when a small newspaper boy stood on the corner of Broad and High streets. Inside the nearby Billy's Chophouse, entertainers George Baker and Harry Shunk talked to C.C. Philbrick, publisher of the new Ohio Sun Newspaper about the area's poor children needing clothing. They noticed the newspaper boy and brought him to the Chophouse to get warm. On a spur of the moment they took his newspapers outside, shouting "It's all for charity", and sold all the papers. The money was given to the boy. Realizing potential, the men decided to raise additional funds for the poor by selling the Ohio Sun Newspaper and recruited others to help. On December 20, 1907, the Sunday before Christmas, 50 men sold a special edition of the paper and raised $702.42, 100% for charity.
4300 Indianola Avenue
Columbus, OH 43214
Charity Newsies Headquarters
Latitude: 40.0525026, Longitude: -83.0000612.
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