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The Ohio State Fair
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First held in Cincinnati in 1850, the Ohio State Fair was organized by the Ohio Board of Agriculture to promote agricultural education and recognize achievements. The second fair was held in Franklinton (now part of Columbus) on the farm of Michael Sullivant. To increase interest and participation during its early years, the Ohio State Fair traveled to various locations around Ohio. In 1874, Columbus won a bid to host the fair for a five-year trial period. The fair remained in Columbus after the trial period and was held at the Franklin County Fairgrounds until the 37th Ohio State Fair began at this location. Conveniently located adjacent to major railroad lines, the Ohio State Fair grounds were dedicated on August 31, 1886.
717 E. 17th Avenue
Columbus, OH
Ohio Expo Center, in front of Taft Coliseum
Latitude: 39.9982880, Longitude: -82.9913660.
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