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Jack Kidwell
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Born on September 21, 1918, golf course architect Jack Kidwell attended Columbus Central High School where he became the Ohio School State Golf Champion in 1937. Kidwell was the owner and operator of Beacon Light Golf Course from 1937-1971. He was inducted into both the Southern Ohio PGA Hall of Fame and the Ohio Golf Association Hall of Fame in 1997. He was the founding father of Hurdzan/Fry Golf Course Design and the inspirational leader to this day. Kidwell was a true giant of the golf industry and has been named the person having the most influence on golf in the state of Ohio over the past 200 years. He was married to his wife Geraldine "Jerry" Kidwell for 57 years and they had four daughters, Sally, Shirley, Kathy, and Jody. Jack Kidwell died on April 29, 2001.
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Jack Kidwell was one of select group who earned life membership status as a Class "A" PGA Professional, and a Class "A" golf course superintendent. He was selected by his peers as president of the American Society of Golf Course Architects (1980), and later named a "fellow." A member of the Ohio Turf Grass Association, he was honored as Man of the Year in 1982. Involved in the design of over 100 golf courses during a 40-year career, Kidwell designed his courses for the average golfer, and the common man, meaning everyone could enjoy his designs at an affordable price. He was once described as the "Johnny Appleseed of golf" and hence helped make golf in Ohio a big business.