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ALERT: This marker was inadvertently numbered 20-18.

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The Borror Family Jackson Township Pioneers
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Borror's Corners Pioneer Homestead 1809-1811
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In 1809-1811, Magdalene Strader Borror, widow of Revolutionary War veteran Jacob Borror Jr., moved to this area from Virginia with her seven children (Martin, Jacob, Myomi, Solomon, Christine, Issac, and Absalom). Originally clearing and settling 400 acres of land given to Magdalene by her father, Christopher Strader, the family eventually prospered throughout the entire township. After her death in 1838, Magdalene was buried in nearby Scioto Cemetery, the resting place of more than seventy of her descendants.
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This intersection, known as "Borror's Corners," was part of the original Borror homestead in Franklin County. Here, the widow Magdalene Strader Borror and her seven children settled in 1809-1811. As the region prospered, a school, store, and several churches were built to meet the needs of the growing Borror families. Though never incorporated, Borror's Corners was shown on early maps and was a focal point for over 100 years in the area. Most of the residents were farmers, but the community also produced ministers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, and businessmen who continue to influence the life of central Ohio.
890 London-Groveport Road W-Marker was inadvertently numbered 20-18 instead of 20-25
Lockbourne, OH 43137
Northeast corner of intersection of State Routes 665 and 104, 890 London-Groveport Road
Latitude: 39.8254340, Longitude: -83.0322410.
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