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Hanford Village
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Hanford Village was founded in the early 1900s just east of Columbus proper with its own mayor, police force, fire department, businesses, and park. After World War II, a subdivision of Hanford became a segregated community for returning African American veterans to settle using the G.I. Bill. Hanford then became one of the few places involved in an all African American post-war housing development program in the United States. During the 1960s, President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Federal Interstate Highway System Act resulted in construction of Interstate 70 which split Hanford Village into two sections and tore apart the community. However, since the division, the residents of the village have worked to maintain its sense of community and unity.
879 Lyman Ave
Columbus, OH 43205
Located around the corner from Lyman Ave address, on the corner of S. Nelson Rd & Gault St.
Latitude: 39.9496582, Longitude: -82.9471925.
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