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Walter Scott, Christian Pioneer
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The Society of the Disciples in Carthage (Carthage Christian Church, Disciples of Christ) was organized under the teaching of Pioneer Evangelist Walter Scott in 1832. He is recognized as one of the four primary leaders of the Stone-Campbell Movement. His prolific evangelistic work among people of the American frontier played a vital role in the settling and development of the Ohio Valley. Scott moved to Carthage, Ohio in 1832, where he established the Society of the Disciples in Carthage on this site. During his thirteen year tenure there as Founding Pastor, he published his greatest works, served as the first president of Bacon College, and traveled extensively to help establish new congregations.
19 W 73rd Street
Cincinnati, OH 45216
Carthage Christian Church
Latitude: 39.1965640, Longitude: -84.4790660.
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