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Lochry's Expedition, 1781 Interment Camp
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Lochry's Militia Held Here, 1781
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Border warfare characterized the American Revolution on the northwest frontier. Between August 26 and September 15, 1781, sixty-four survivors of Lochry's Expedition were held captive by "Butler's Rangers" (British-allied Indians led by George Girty) in a camp near this site. Colonel Archibald Lochry's battalion of Pennsylvania militia, part of a larger punitive expedition under General George Rogers Clark and traveling down the Ohio River behind the main force, was attacked by Girty's men ten miles downstream from the mouth of the Great Miami River near present-day Aurora, Indiana. Thirty-seven militiamen were killed in the August 24 battle, including Lochry, and the rest captured. Afterwards Rogers abandoned his objective of capturing British-held Detroit. The captives were taken to Detroit and eventually to Montreal. Tradition holds that fewer than twenty of Lochry's battalion ever returned to their homes.
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Solomon Aikens; John Allenton; Abraham Anderson; Isaac Anderson; Thomas Atkinson; Melchior Baker; Alexander Burns; John Catt; William Clarke; Peter Connely; Manasseh Coyle; Charles Cracraft; Samuel Craig, Jr.; James Dunseth; Joseph Erwin; Christian Fast; John Ferrell; Mathias Fisher; Richard Fleming; Henry Franks; John Guthrie; Michael Haire; George Hice; Abraham Hiley; John Hunter; Patrick Hunter; William Hurst; Thomas James; James Kean; Jacob Lawrence; Valentine Lawrence; Samuel Le Fever; John Lever; Ezekiel Lewis; William Marrs; William Marshal; George Mason; Dennis McCarty; Norman McCloud; Charles McGin; James McPherson; Michael Miller; Hugh Moore; Patrick Murphy; Robert Orr; Adam Owry; John Porter; Cary Quigley; Elihu Risley; William Roark; Joseph Robinson; James Scott; John Sence; Samuel Shannon; John Smith; John Stakehouse; Hugh Steers; Thomas Stokely; William Thompson; John Trimble; Richard Wallace; Robert Watson; Robert Wilson; William Worthington
Across from 4182 E Miami Avenue
Cleves, OH 45002
S of intersection of W Miami Ave & Jordan Road
Latitude: 39.1786300, Longitude: -84.7465490.
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