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Vorhees Town
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Plan of the Town of Reading
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In 1794 Abraham Voorhees, a Revolutionary War veteran, brought his family from New Jersey to the Northwest Territory to settle on 640 acres of land, part of the Miami Purchase, for which he paid John Cleves Symmes "533 dollars 30/90ths" in United States Treasury Certificates. By 1798 the town was platted and lots were being sold. Official registration of the plat was completed in 1804, the town's name being changed to Reading at the suggestion of Henry Redinbo, who had moved his family to the area from Reading, Pennsylvania, in 1795.
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Plan of the Town of Reading [map of Reading]
SW corner of Reading Road/US 42 and W Columbia Avenue
Reading, OH 45215
Latitude: 39.2273910, Longitude: -84.4383870.
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