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ALERT: This marker was inadvertently given a non-Guernsey County number, 1-1. There is another 1-1 in Adams County, 'Bradford Tavern 1804.'

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Wreck of the Shenandoah
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Wind increasing in volume. Get no chance to . . These were the last words from the doomed Navy airship Shenandoah, caught in a violent storm and crashing 7 miles southwest of this spot near Ava at dawn, September 3, 1925. Fourteen of its crew were killed. While souvenir hunters stripped the wreckage, a nation questioned the value of huge, rigid dirigibles, the last crashing in 1935. Smaller blimps replaced the dirigible as America's lighter-than-air sentinels of the sky.
I-77 south of I-70 at SB rest area just past Exit 37
Pleasant City, OH 43772
Latitude: 39.9055670, Longitude: -81.5287830.
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