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Union Meeting House Organized in 1807
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Union Seminary Organized in 1809
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On this site in 1809, pious Christians from Virginia and North Carolina erected a Methodist Church, the first in Greene County. The church was officially organized on May 23, 1807 as the Bonner Society. Frederick Bonner, Sr. and the illustrious Rev. John Sale were the principal organizers. This Methodist Church, one of the oldest in Ohio, has been serving the area known as the Union Neighborhood uninterrupted from this site since 1809. Rev. Bennett Maxey was the first pastor. (Continued on other side)
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(Continued from other side) On this site in 1809, the first organized school in Greene County was established. Organized by Methodists from this community, classes commenced on January 1, 1810 with a total enrollment of twenty students. A multi-purpose log building 35' x 35' was erected that served as a school during the week and a Methodist Church on Sundays. A log cabin 16' x 16' was also erected for use by teachers and their families. Noted educator, John P. Finley, brother of the illustrious Rev. James B. Finley, was the first school master.
1145 Union Road
Xenia, OH 45385
In front of Union United Methodist Church, SW corner of Union Road and Washington Road
Latitude: 39.6507610, Longitude: -83.9226180.
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