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ALERT: There are three markers numbered 14-28 in Geauga County. The other two are 'First Congregational Church of Claridon UCC' and

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Welton Cemetery
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Welton Cemetery was known as Roselawn Cemetery until the early 1900s. Early settlers to the Burton area donated the land. Welton Cemetery is the burial place for veterans of the nation's wars and for several state officials. Judge Peter Hitchcock (1781-1853) served in the War of 1812. From 1810-1852, he was elected to both houses of Ohio's General Assembly and one term in the U.S. House of Representatives and served on the state's Supreme Court. He was Chief Justice from 1831-1833 and 1849-1851. In 1850, he was a member of Ohio's constitutional convention. (Continued on other side)
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(Continued from other side) Seabury Ford (1801-1855), Judge Hitchcock's nephew, served in Ohio's House of Representatives and State Senate (the General Assembly) from 1835-1848 and was Ohio's 20th governor from 1849-1851. Peter Hitchcock, Jr. (1818-1886), Judge Hitchcock's son, fought in the Civil War and served many terms in the General Assembly between 1857-1878 and 1880-1882. George Ford (1842-1912), Seabury Ford's son, also fought in the Civil War and served in the General Assembly from 1881-1890. George Ford was Burton's first mayor when it was incorporated in 1895.
Welton Cemetery, 13970 Goodwin Ave
Burton, OH 44021
To the left of the Welton Cemetery sign
Latitude: 41.4746870, Longitude: -81.1410840.
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