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Elliott Hall
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Built in 1833 as a health resort named the Mansion House Hotel, Elliott Hall is noted as Ohio's oldest collegiate Greek Revival building. The closure of the Bank of the United States and an economic panic in 1837 created nation-wide financial difficulties, which led to the decline of the luxury resort. Under the leadership of Reverend Adam Poe, minister of William Street Methodist Church, the citizens of Delaware purchased the building for the establishment of a Methodist college for men. Ohio Wesleyan University was chartered on March 7, 1842, and the founding building was named for Dr. Charles Elliott, Ohio Conference leader who helped examine the site and establish the university. In 1877, Ohio Wesleyan University and the Ohio Wesleyan Female College merged into a co-educational institution. Elliott Hall was moved to its present location in 1892 when University Hall was built.
79 S. Sandusky Street
Delaware, OH 43015
Ohio Wesleyan University - Elliott Hall
Latitude: 40.2960180, Longitude: -83.0661080.
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