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Adams Street Cemetery
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Known as the "Village Cemetery," this was Berea's main burial ground from 1834 to the 1880s. However, in 1886, the Cleveland Stone Co. purchased quarries adjacent to the cemetery, where Coe Lake is today. Quarrying had already caused flooding and landslides in the area. Local stories say that the company operated too near to the edge of cemetery, causing a landslide in the northwest corner that exposed some graves. Worried families moved their loved ones' remains to other cemeteries, including those of five Civil War veterans. Pioneering families, 16 Civil War veterans, 3 mayors of Berea, several quarry owners, and many ordinary people still rest here. Of the original 589 burials, 40% were children. (Continued on other side)
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(Continued from other side) The cemetery accepted burials into the 20th century, including one veteran of the Indian Wars and one of World War I, but it had fallen into disrepair and was used mainly for burial of indigents. One night in March 1930, vandals knocked over and broke many gravestones. In response, American Legion Post 91 repaired the stones. As the 21st century began, citizens recommitted themselves to honoring the cemetery. The City of Berea and many community groups helped fund preservation efforts, and American Legion Post 91 decorates veterans' graves. Baldwin-Wallace College students and faculty have documented burial sites and volunteered many hours to repair broken tombstones.
Adams Street Cemetery, Adams Street
Berea, OH 44017
Just S of Waverly Street
Latitude: 41.3634920, Longitude: -81.8476580.
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