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Sarah Benedict House
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The Sarah Benedict House is a rare survivor of the once fashionable Upper Prospect neighborhood that included "Millionaires Row" on adjacent Euclid Avenue. Sarah Rathbone Benedict had this Queen Anne-inspired house built in 1883, when she was 68, and lived here until her death in 1902. She was active in the social, religious, and charitable life of Cleveland. Sarah Benedict was the widow of George A. Benedict, editor of the Cleveland Daily Herald. The house was given to the Cleveland Restoration Society by Dr. Maxine Goodman Levin in 1997 and rehabilitated for its headquarters in 1998. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and contributes to the locally designated Prospect Avenue Historic District.
3751 Prospect Avenue E
Cleveland, OH 44115
Latitude: 41.5020750, Longitude: -81.6604440.
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