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The Chagrin River's "High Falls"
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The Chagrin River was named for Francois Seguin, a Frenchman who traded with Native Americans in Northeast Ohio circa 1742. The "High Falls" of the Chagrin River primarily attracted settlers from New England (circa 1833) seeking a location with ample waterpower. By the mid-nineteenth century an axe factory, a foundry, 2 flour mills, 4 woolen mills, 2 sawmills, 3 paper mills, and a woodenware factory had been built along the riverbanks in Chagrin Falls. The "High Falls" provided a power source for a gristmill, built in 1836 at this location. Today, only one factory remains in operation in the Village of Chagrin Falls.
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SW corner of N. Main Street and Bell Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
Marker is hanging on the left side of the stairway to the Falls. You have to go to a small alcove to the left of the stairs to view it.
Latitude: 41.4310264, Longitude: -81.3919700.
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