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The Chagrin River's "High Falls"
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The Chagrin River was named for Francois Seguin, a Frenchman who traded with Native Americans in Northeast Ohio circa 1742. The "High Falls" of the Chagrin River primarily attracted settlers from New England (circa 1833) seeking a location with ample waterpower. By the mid-nineteenth century an axe factory, a foundry, 2 flour mills, 4 woolen mills, 2 sawmills, 3 paper mills, and a woodenware factory had been built along the riverbanks in Chagrin Falls. The "High Falls" provided a power source for a gristmill, built in 1836 at this location. Today, only one factory remains in operation in the Village of Chagrin Falls.
SW corner of N. Main Street and Bell Street
Chagrin Falls, OH 44022
Marker is hanging on the left side of the stairway to the Falls. You have to go to a small alcove to the left of the stairs to view it
Latitude: 41.4310264, Longitude: -81.3919700.
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