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The Stearns Homestead
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This 48-acre farm is the last remnant of an agricultural way of life that characterized Parma Township well into the 20th century. The farmhouse, built circa 1855 by Western Reserve settler Lyman Stearns, is representative of the Greek Revival style of architecture popular in this region prior to the Civil War. The "Yankee" style barn predates the house. Suburban development following World War II engulfed virtually all of this area by the 1950s. The Stearns Homestead was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1981. (continued on other side)
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(continued from other side) West Side Cleveland meat processor Earl C. Gibbs and his family bought the Stearns farm in 1919 and built the newer house in 1920. The family continued to graze cattle here through the 1970s, by which point the Parma suburbs had completely surrounded them. The City of Parma purchased the property from the Gibbs family in 1980 to preserve this unique remnant of Parma's rural heritage. The Parma Area Historical Society has since maintained it as a working educational and historic farm.
6975 Ridge Road
Parma, OH 44129
Located on lawn in front of the Stearns House, 6975 Ridge Rd.
Latitude: 41.3747610, Longitude: -81.7345430.
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