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Lima Locomotive Works
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One of America's largest and best known steam locomotive builders, the Lima Locomotive Works built 7,752 locomotives between 1879 and 1951. It rose to success building the patented Shay geared locomotive, an innovative design that became the standard for railroad logging. In the early 20th century Lima began building mainline locomotives, exemplified by the "Super-Power" 2-8-4 Berkshire, which used superheated steam and an enlarged firebox for unprecedented power and speed. Introduced in 1925, it showcased Lima's technological prowess. The "loco works" employed workers of many nationalities, fostering a legacy of ethnic diversity in Lima. Often several generations of the same family worked in the same shop, a practice that encouraged loyalty and a tradition of craftsmanship passed to succeeding generations.
Lincoln Park Train Exhibit on E. Elm street
Lima, OH 45804
On E Elm St., between Grove Ave and S. Shawnee Street, just E of the railroad crossing
Latitude: 40.7380950, Longitude: -84.0892050.
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