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This marker has inadvertently been given the non-Coshocton County number 25-25.

Title, side A
Koquechagachton - Chief White Eyes
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In the early 1770s, Chief White Eyes (Koquechagachton) of the Delaware tribe founded White Eyes Town approximately two miles southeast of this marker on a plain near present day West Lafayette. A friend of the Moravian leader David Zeisberger, White Eyes was an ardent supporter of Moravian missionary efforts and kept the Delawares neutral during the American Revolutionary War. White Eyes's dream was to bring his people under the influence of Christianity. He also hoped to establish a fourteenth state for the Indian nations, which would join the other thirteen. White Eyes died at the height of his career in November 1778 near Pittsburgh. The cause of his death remains open to question.
23601 SR-93
Orange, OH 43824
W side of OH 93, just S of US 36
Latitude: 40.2935000, Longitude: -81.7502000.
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