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Unserheim, meaning "Our Home" in German, is the name of this ante-bellum Queen Anne style home, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1998. From 1857-1878, it was home to Daniel Howell Hise, a Quaker and ardent abolitionist. On April 8, 1849, Hise wrote, "Welcome! Welcome to the protection I can give, with or without the law." A major stop on the Underground Railroad, Unserheim's secret rooms and tunnel provided shelter to slaves on their flight to freedom. Hise's belief in abolitionism was so strong that following John Brown's Raid at Harper's Ferry, he was instrumental in erecting the Edwin Coppock Monument at Hope Cemetery. Coppock had been executed for his participation in the raid. Hise also supported the Women's Rights Movement and opened Unserheim to such notable guests as famed suffragists Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth.
1100 Franklin Avenue
Salem, OH 44460
Latitude: 40.8920930, Longitude: -80.8420980.
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