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Alert: Marker is knocked off of post and awaiting restoration. (June 2022)

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Beam Farm Mound
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Built by people of the Adena or Hopewell cultures during the Early to Middle Woodland era (circa 800 B.C - 500 A.D), the Beam Farm Mound, 1200 feet northwest, has stood on the uplands overlooking Anderson Fork for two thousand years. Notable among the thousands of commemorative burial mounds built by these associated prehistoric cultures throughout the Ohio Valley, the Beam Farm Mound has been protected by its caretakers and remains unexcavated. Similar mounds have revealed formal tombs and evidence of elaborate funerary rituals.
4435 Stone Road
Sabina, OH 45169
Located near private home in a fenced area on the long driveway going NW from Stone Road
Latitude: 39.5023600, Longitude: -83.7049050.
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