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Grant Memorial Bridge
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The cast iron nameplate mounted on the walkway is one of two that were formerly located on the original Grant Memorial Bridge. The original steel truss structure was constructed from 1925-1927 by the Brookville Construction Company, Brookville, Ohio, at a cost of $62,192.60. The Bridge was dedicated as a memorial to General Ulysses S. Grant, eighteenth President of the United States, whose Point Pleasant birthplace is located near the west end of the bridge.
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The original bridge became structurally deficient and was replaced in 1985 at a cost of $787,199.03. The cannons, beacons, and stone work which you see were a part of the 1927 bridge and were incorporated into the replacement bridge. The handrail which now supports the nameplate is the designer's visual impression of the 1927 bridge. The new structure and the original appurtenances have been rededicated as the Grant Memorial Bridge.
Grant Park Rest Area
Moscow, OH 45153
W side of intersection of US 52 and OH 232
Latitude: 38.8939300, Longitude: -84.2332270.
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