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Early Settlers Burying Ground
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Resting here among other pioneers are: Obed Denham, native of Plainfield, New Jersey, donor of this plot, founder of Bethel in 1798, and pioneer abolitionist; Thomas Morris, antislavery leader, veteran state legislator, U.S. senator 1833-1839, and Liberty Party vice presidential nominee 1844; Reader Wright Clarke, U.S. representative from the Clermont District 1865-1869, and U.S. Treasury second auditor 1869-1870; "The Unknown Hunter"; befriended by Obed Denham and the first person buried in this hallowed ground.
Early Settlers Burying Ground Cemetery, N. Main Street
Bethel, OH 45106
W side of N Main Street, between entrance to cemetery and the intersection of W Circus Street
Latitude: 38.9683780, Longitude: -84.0806050.
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