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Old Stone House
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Old Stone House
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Mesopotamia Township, Trumbull County was a part of the Western Reserve, 3.3 million acres in Northeast Ohio claimed by Connecticut. After the Treaty of Greenville extinguished American Indian title in 1795, the state sold most of the land to the Connecticut Land Company (except for the Firelands to the west). The company's proprietors then sold the land to settlers from Connecticut and the east and they in turn brought to the west their ideas for what a solid home should look like. (Continued on other side)
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(Continued from other side) Built along a ridge south of Mesopotamia Center c. 1825, this house has front facade whose stone chosen from a nearby quarry for its purple mineral bands. Central doorways, front and back, divide the facade symmetrically. A hallway between the doors divides the interior and leads to an addition built in 1997. The house is an example of the Greek Revival architectural style, featuring cornice returns in the gable ends of the roof, wider frieze beneath the roof line, and sidelights at the front entrance. The style was common in the Western Reserve at the time.
8505 State Route 534
Mesopotamia, OH 44439