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ALERT: The marker number is transposed to show a non-Adams County number (1-5). There is another 1-5 in Athens County, 'Hocking Valley Railway.'

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Adams County Mineral Springs
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Medicinal value of springs promoted by Charles Matheny, 1840. First hotel built 1864 and resort named Sodaville. Under ownership of General Benjamin Coates 1888-91, Smith Grimes 1891-08, and J. W. Rogers 1908-20. Mineral Springs Health Resort Nationally known for its large hotel complex and recreational facilities. This hotel destroyed by fire, 1924. Smaller hotel built 1904, quarter mile north, continued operation through 1940.
Just S of 5838 Mineral Springs Road
Peebles, OH 45660
Latitude: 38.8861020, Longitude: -83.3292190.
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