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Daniel Drake, M.D.
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Daniel Drake, M.D.. Daniel Drake (1785-1852) was an influential figure in 19th century American medicine, gaining fame as physician, scientist, author, educator, and ardent champion for the City of Cincinnati. In 1819, Drake was the founding president of the Medical College of Ohio, which eventually became the University of Cincinnati's College of Medicine, and a founder of Cincinnati College. Among Drake's contributions, he argued for raising standards of medical education by having students study at patient bedsides and work in hospitals. A history of medicine from 1921 hailed Drake's Practical Essays on Medical Education in the United States (1832) as one of "the most important contributions ever made to the subject in this country."
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CARE/Crawley Building, 3230 Eden Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45267
At the top of the front steps at the entrance to the building
Latitude: 39.1385560, Longitude: -84.5046720.
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