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Henderson's Printing
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Known by the trade name Henderson's Printing, the business was a mainstay of Dayton's African American community for almost 60 years and became a printer of choice for everything from advertising materials, office forms, and a community publications called "housewife savers." John William Henderson Sr. (1913-­1991) purchased his first printing press and founded the business in 1941, bringing to it experience as an instructor of journalism and printing at Wilberforce University. The business's first location was the family home at 421 Kearney St. After several moves, the business settled at 301 Washington Street in 1958.
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Mary Esther (Franklin) Henderson (1915-1996), a teacher in Dayton's public schools, a community organizer, and active volunteer, purchased the building at 301 Washington Street. John Henderson Sr. trained and employed the couple's five children, several grandchildren, and many Dayton school students. Three Henderson children continued the business after attending college and taught printing in Dayton's public schools. By the time Henderson's Printing closed in 2000, its reach extended beyond the African American community. Henderson's served many businesses and organizations in the Dayton area and provided technical training some employees used to launch their own ventures.
301 Washington Street
Dayton, OH 45402
At the N corner of W Washington Street and S Perry Street, the actual site of Henderson's Printing from 1954 to 1997
Latitude: 39.7519610, Longitude: -84.1945290.
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