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Village of South Amherst Town Hall
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The Village of South Amherst incorporated in 1918. Mayor Fred Ruth and village’s council authorized a special election on February 22, 1919 so that the village could issue bonds to establish a town hall. The village used the funds to buy the house of Jeannette and Alexander Born. Purchased on September 3, 1919 for $3,750, the home-turned town hall served the village for 70 years. As the community grew and the building aged, the need for a new facility became clear. The old town hall was demolished and construction of a spacious $274,000 building begun in September 1988. The village’s government moved into its new 3,200 square-foot hall in February 1989.
103 W Main St
South Amherst, OH 44001
In front of Town Hall
Latitude: 41.3573691, Longitude: -82.2405502.
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