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The Council of International Programs USA
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The Council of International Programs USA (CIPUSA) promotes international understanding in global communities through professional development and cross-cultural exchange. CIPUSA evolved from the Cleveland International Program, a professional and cultural exchange program for youth leaders and social workers, established by Dr. Henry B. Ollendorff in 1956. By 2003, CIPUSA had grown to include nine affiliate offices nationwide, including two offices in Ohio, the Cleveland International Program and the Columbus International Program. Since its founding, CIPUSA has brought over 10,000 professionals for practical training from 147 countries. As a leader in international exchange CIPUSA continues Ollendorff's vision--leading people to international training exchange programs in a variety of fields, including social services, business, and education.
1700 E. 13th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114
Reserve Square
Latitude: 41.5036500, Longitude: -81.6842500.
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