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ALERT: There are two markers numbered 24-11, both named 'Lincoln Funeral Train', in Champaign County. The other is in Woodstock.

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Lincoln Funeral Train
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President Abraham Lincoln's assassination on April 14, 1865, created a national tragedy, and the nation mourned as his body was transported by rail from Washington D.C. back to Springfield, Illinois, where he would be buried. In Champaign County, Ohio, the train passed through Urbana and Westville late at night April 29 and traveled through the Blue Hills for eight miles of dangerous curves and hills to arrive in St. Paris. Reaching the summit in St. Paris, the train paused near Springfield Street for a brief memorial service. Christian McMorran and Rachel Furrow, representing a crowd of local residents who stood in silence, laid a wreath on the coffin. The train would continue to Conover, Fletcher, Piqua, and Bradford on its way to Richmond and Indianapolis and then Chicago, finally arriving in Springfield, Illinois, on May 3, 1865.
Across from 500 S. Springfield Street
St. Paris, OH 43072
Latitude: 40.1245690, Longitude: -83.9594270.
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