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ALERT: There are two markers numbered 88-31 in Hamilton County. The other is 'Camp Joy.'

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Inventor Obed Hussey Test His Reaper, 1835
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Mechanical reapers enabled farmers to harvest much more grain than they could by sickle or scythe. In June 1835, in a field 800 feet southeast of Mill Creek, inventor Obed Hussey (1790-1860) tested what he upheld as the first successful reaper. Blacksmith John Lane, miller Jediah Hill, Hill's son-in-law Henry Rogers, brothers Algernon and Thomas Foster, and others observed the test, the culmination of Hussey's experiments with prototypes since the early 1830s. Hussey's patent for a reaper in 1833 predated that of his competitor Cyrus McCormick (1809-1884) applied for in 1834. Initially, some preferred Hussey's reaper to McCormick's, although McCormick's machines eventually dominated the field. In the late 1850s, Hussey and others sued McCormick for patent infringement and won, compelling the payment of damages by McCormick.
Just E of 1595 Covered Bridge Road
Cincinnati, OH 45231
On the W side of the Jediah Hill Covered Bridge
Latitude: 39.2523170, Longitude: -84.5454040.
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