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Sandyville: The Town that Moved
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Sandyville was founded in 1815 by future State Senator Henry Laffer. In 1936, the 275 villagers learned that the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District planned to control regional flooding with the construction of 14 dams including nearby Bolivar Dam. This dam would place Sandyville in a flood zone and force villagers to sell, abandon, or move their homes. Ultimately, the villagers united and decided to move Sandyville. Between August 1937 and early 1938, contractors (paid by the Conservancy District) relocated approximately 30 houses, 30 outbuildings, 2 stores, a post office, a town hall, and a restaurant (where cooking continued during the move!). The move required hard work, patience, and neighborliness, By 1938, the little village had moved one-half mile up the hill and villagers began to recreate their peaceful, pleasant surroundings for future generations.
NW corner of Cross Roads Road NE and Beckel Avenue
Sandyville, OH 44671
Just to the right of the town sign
Latitude: 40.6404490, Longitude: -81.3696500.
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