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The Templin-Bradley Company Penny Packet Seeds
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In 1907, the Templin-Bradley Company's Children's Flower Mission was developed in response to the Cleveland Public Schools Horticulture Program, supplying seed packets for 1 cent each--commonly referred to as Penny Packet Seeds. This earned the company a reputation for being the nation's largest distributor of seeds for school garden programs. Although only nine varieties of plants were offered, interest was so great that nearly 50,000 packages were sold during the first year with no expense to the public-school teachers. With great success realized in the local school gardening program, interest grew exponentially across the nation and programs began in other cities. For fifty years, the Templin-Bradley Company sold flower and vegetable seeds at low costs to student members of garden groups throughout the country, cultivating many generations of gardeners.
5700 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44102
The Templin-Bradley Building
Latitude: 41.4854023, Longitude: -81.7255925.
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