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ALERT: There are three markers numbered 122-18 in Cuyahoga County. The other two are 'George L. Cooley: Champion of the Farmer' and 'Cowan Pottery.'

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Ogilvy Chapel of St. Thomas Episcopal Church
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This "little gem of a stone church," built and dedicated in 1893, is constructed of locally quarried, rusticated Berea sandstone blocks. A Celtic cross at the top of the west wall represented the areas of Great Britain from which many original parish members immigrated to this area of Ohio. The chapel is named in honor of John Ogilvy. He was not a member of St. Thomas Church, but he did leave a bequest which the parish used to erect the chapel. It was constructed at a cost of $4,174.70.
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(Continued from other side) Memorial windows on the west wall of Ogilvy Chapel honor Joseph Nichols, Marvin E. Stone, William A. James, and the Rev. Willis B. French. Nichols served as mayor of Berea in 1878 and 1879. Stone, a warden of St. Phillip's (Albion/ Strongsville), became a highly regarded member of St. Thomas after it absorbed the languishing parishes of St. Phillip's and St. Luke's in 1873. As part of the merger, St. Phillip's gave its church building to St. Thomas. James was a strong supporter of St. Thomas and served in the vestry. Rev. French was St. Thomas's rector from 1879 to 1887.
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 50 E Bagley Road
Berea, OH 44017
SE corner of E Bagley Road and Seminary Street
Latitude: 41.3725322, Longitude: -81.8514016.
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