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Lucy Depp Park & The Depp Settlement
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Lucy Depp Park was a 102-acre development named for Lucinda Depp (1844-1929). She had inherited the land from her father, Abraham (1791-1858), an emancipated African American man and central Ohio pioneer from Powhattan County, Virginia. Known historically as the Depp Settlement, Robert Goode (1876-1957), a nephew of Luch and her husband Thomas A. Whyte (1845-1919), purchased the land and developed it as "Lucy Depp Park" in the mid-1920s. The park became a popular vacation spot as well as home site for African American families from Columbus and elsewhere in the segregated America before the Civil Rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. According to a brochure Goode used to promote the development, "Lucy Depp Park...For People Who Care; by the Beautiful Waters of O'Shaughnessy Resevoir and Twin Lakes."
Harriot Drive
Powell, OH 43065
SW corner of Harriot Drive and Frabell Drive
Latitude: 40.1678610, Longitude: -83.1392120.
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