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Granville T. Woods in Washington Court House 1878-1880
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Granville T. Woods in Washington Court House 1878-1880
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Granville T. Woods was a pivotal African American inventor during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Woods invention of teh telegraph device enabled railway companies to know the location of each of their trains. This new technology greatly enhanced train scheduling and reduced the frequency of fatal collisions throughout the railway industry. From 1878 through 1880 Woods was a railroad locomotive engineer employeed by the Springfield, Jackson and Pomeroy Railroad Company and later by the Dayton and Southeastern Railroad. With frequent stops in Washington Courthouse and extensive leisure time, Woods learned telegraphy from a local telegraph operator. (Continued on other side)
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(Continued from other side) During one of Woods' trips from Washington Courthouse to Dayton, he visited the Beckel House. Here he observed the passenger elevator's mode of signaling to be inadequate. Woods felt that he could improve the process through the use of electrical induction. This planted the seed for one of Woods' first inventions, the induction telegraphy system. After his tenure with the railroad, Woods relocated to Cincinnati, where he began to focus on inventing. In 1886 the Woods Electric Company was organized for the purpose of putting Woods' inventions on the market. Woods died in New York in 1910.
Millikan Avenue, Eyman Park
Washington Court House, OH 43160
Near railroad locomotive exhibit, E of intersection of Eyman Park Drive and Millikan Avenue
Latitude: 39.5397280, Longitude: -83.4460990.
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