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First Presbyterian Church
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On this site in 1848, the Presbyterians and Methodists entered into a situation unique to Gilean, as Grand Rapids was then known, by jointly constructing a frame church for worship. James Purdy, grantor, sold the lot for five dollars for religious purposes thereby authorizing either denomination to sell to the other. Proceeds were to be used to build another church. This ecumenical arrangement continued until 1880 when the Methodists sold their interest in the building to the Presbyterians in order to build a new church. The Presbyterians, whose charter included eleven members when they first organized at Guyer's schoolhouse on September 18, 1848, built a new church here in 1928. One addition to the current building was made in 1961.
17700 Beaver Street
Grand Rapids, OH 43522
In front of the First Presbyterian Church, 17700 Beaver Street
Latitude: 41.4109980, Longitude: -83.8682620.
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