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In Memory of Lieut. Wilson W. Brown
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The Andrews Raiders
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Medal of Honor winner, who is buried here. He joined the famous Andrews Raiders to wreck Confederate supply lines. The raiders captured a locomotive, "The General," at Big Shanty, Georgia, on April 12, 1862. Brown served as the engineer and was captured after the "General" ran out of fuel. He escaped on October 16 and made his way back to Union lines after enduring great hardships.
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The Andrews Raiders. Hanged by Confederates, June 1862, James J. Andrews, William H. Campbell, Samuel Robertson, Marion A. Ross, John M. Scott, Charles P. Shadrach, Samuel Slavens, George D. Wilson; escaped October 16, 1862, Wilson M. Brown, Daniel A. Dorsey, Martin J. Hawkins, William J. Knight, John R. Porter, John A. Wilson, John Wollam, Mark Wood; paroled March 17, 1863, William Bensinger, Robert Buffam, Elihu H. Mason, Jacob Parrott, William Pittinger, William H. Reddick; discovered before the raid, James Smith, Samuel Llewellyn.
Corner of Dowling Rd. and Carter Rd., South of Perrysburg
Latitude: 41.4794153, Longitude: -83.5923232.
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