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Round Bottom Schoolhouse
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Round Bottom Cemetery
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Settlement came to Round Bottom in early 1795 following the end of the Indians Wars in what would become Ohio (1791-1795). Pioneers Allen Devol, David Wilson, Nathaniel Cushing, Peter Shaw, and Andrew Story came down the Muskingum River to this rich and extensive alluvion shoreline where agriculture became a way of life for them and later settlers. They built the Round Bottom Schoolhouse in the fall of 1795 from bricks fired in nearby fields. The school is one of the oldest one-room brick schoolhouses in the state.
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Round Bottom Cemetery's name is derived from the wide circle the Muskingum River makes around these bottomlands. It is the burial site of Round Bottom's earliest pioneers-Benjamin Dana, Peter Shaw, David Wilson, Daniel Story, and Abel Sherman, who was killed by a Native American known as Silverheels at Sherman's Run just north of Beverly. Veterans from all American wars through World War II are here as well as the scattered ashes of Johnny Burroughs, a baseball player who played in the National League.
St Rt 60 between Coal Run and Beverly
Latitude: 39.5550530, Longitude: -81.5864630.
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