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ALERT: There are two markers numbered 6-84 in Washington County. The other is 'C. William O'Neill (1916-1978).'

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Bathsheba Rouse
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Born on September 28, 1769 in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Bathsheba Rouse is recognized as the first woman to teach in the Northwest Territory. Rouse arrived in the region along with other pioneers in 1788. The following year, the Belpre community employed Rouse to teach young children in the Farmers' Castle near the Ohio River. Instruction in reading, writing, and sewing was reserved for the girls, while boys received lessons in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Rouse taught in Belpre for several terms before marrying Richard Greene and settling at nearby Marietta. Their descendants attained civic prominence in Washington County for generations. Bathsheba Rouse Greene died on February 27, 1843 at the age of seventy-three and is buried alongside her husband in Marietta's Mound Cemetery.
2014 Washington Boulevard
Belpre, OH 45714
2014 Washington Boulevard
Latitude: 39.2765708, Longitude: -81.5939014.
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