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The Old Log Post Office
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The oldest known structure standing in Franklin, the Old Log Post Office is a reminder of the links the community's earliest members maintained to the rest of the young state of Ohio and to the United States during the early nineteenth century. John Noble Cumming Schenck, older brother of one of the founders of Franklin, William C. Schenck, established a store here in 1802. In 1805 President Thomas Jefferson appointed John Schenck postmaster of Franklin, a position he held until 1829. Schenck's store is considered Franklin's first post office and was one of the first four in Warren County. This building first stood at 310 South River Street and over the years was completely covered by additions and clapboards. They were removed in October 1974 and the house was moved to this location on December 6 of that year. In 1976 the structure was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Commons, Fifth & River Streets
Latitude: 39.5596050, Longitude: -84.3064890.
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