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Marker temporarily removed for refurbishment. (July 2021)

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Here Lies Robert Nesbitt
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The Western Terminus of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio
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This is the gravesite of Robert Nesbitt, an immigrant from Convoy, Ireland who named Convoy, Ohio after his home town. In 2010, the Convoy Community Foundation, Convoy Lions Club, Convoy Business Association, and Convoy Community Days, Inc. raised the funds to restore Nesbitt's tombstone. A representative from Convoy, Ireland — Ray Bonar — attended the rededication ceremony on July 4, 2010. The Van Wert County Historical Society took over the care of the grave site, which is in the Sugar Ridge Cemetery. The cemetery has been under the care of the Tully Township Trustees since its foundation.
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Carl Fisher, the builder of the Indianapolis Speedway, provided the inspiration for the first intercontinental road in the USA. The two major supporters of the project were Henry Joy, president of the Packard Car Company and Frank Seiberling, president of the Goodyear Tire Company. On July 1, 1913 the Lincoln Highway Association was founded with Henry Joy as president. The $10 million project began at Times Square in New York City and finished at Lincoln Park in San Francisco. The highway covered 3,389 miles and twelve states. In Ohio it stretches from Van Wert to East Liverpool. In 1928, the Boy Scouts of America installed concrete markers containing a small bust of Lincoln. The markers averaged one per mile and stated "This Highway Dedicated to Abraham Lincoln."
SE corner of Lincoln Highway and Pollock Road
Convoy, OH 45832
Latitude: 40.9387340, Longitude: -84.6990204.
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